Game of Thrones news-Lena Heady cried while recording the last scene

We all remember Cersei Lannister (Lena Heady) as someone who is ''without a heart'' and always cruel in her actions. Yet, that is definitely not how Lena Heady, an actress who plays this role, actually is.

While the last scenes of Game of Thrones were made, this powerful lady completely lost her control and show her strong emotions. She burst into tears and said how she was really desperate at the moment she has realized the show is going to end.

Her friends describe her as a lovely and fun woman who likes to spend a lot of time with people and to socialize. It was probably hard for her to act some role which is completely different than her true personality.

Her friends also claim how she told them accidentally what will happen in the next season of GoT. Because of that, we have heard how the last season of GoT will be completely different than everyone expected.

In the last decades, it seems like how too many movies and series ended in the same way-where evil wins. It seems like how the GoT team has something completely different for us!

How do you expect the last season to be like? Who will rule over the iron thrones? Will that be Cersei Lannister?

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