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Commenting section and spams

If you are worried about your IP and why do we collect it, know how that is with a good purpose. Our mission was and still is to decrease the number of spams you receive.

Why is everyone afraid of Cookies?

Probably because they understand their purpose.

Once you decide to leave a comment you will need to accept some sort of cookies first. All you need to know about those is how they last for 365 days. How can accepting cookies affect you? It won't affect you badly in any way, but it will just help you save your time. You won't need to enter all the information about yourself once you accept those every time you wish to log in.

A temporary cookie-we need to test if your browser accept cookies of all sorts, and that is why a temporary cookie exists. When to expect to get the request to accept that cookie? You can expect to get such a request once you log in.

Are cookies also used within screen display choice section?

Cookies are needed for this section too. These last for 365 days. And what about the login cookies? They last just for two days.

Every time you decide to log out, know how those cookies that last for two days will immediately disappear.

What about the content that is originally from other websites or coming from there?

The users often forget to think about the content from the other websites. But, there is not much to worry about it. Yet, you must know how the cookies are used there too. Also, your information may be collected, but there isn't anything else to be collected than that info you have already published on your profile.

Worried about your data and its sharing?

Your safety is important to us as much as it is to you. Therefore, the same rule goes here as for collecting your data when it comes to content from the other websites.

*Note-it may happen that you want your data to be exported. Know how you are able to do that whenever you want or need.

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Yet, we hope how you will be completely satisfied with the news you receive and read from our blog!