Self-driving cars finally in Hamburg

  • April 7, 2019
  • Dragana
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Do you remember when you were just a child and wondering about how will our future look like? Ever since science fiction movies exist, we were able to see some self-driving and flying cars, right? To be completely honest with you, I really imagined our times to look like that. Okay, we don't have flying cars, but we do have self-driving cars today. Is that good or a bad thing? How will that affect our society? Are those cars safe at all?

Self-driving cars first arrived in China. Everyone thought how there will be needed for at least a few decades for such cars to come to Europe. But, it seems like how they were wrong. Self-driving cars are finally in Hamburg, Germany! How do those cars look like?

Well, they don't look like they are from some science fiction movie. The truth is, they look completely normal, yet, they don't have a driver. Buses in China were made in such a way in which they don't even need a driver too. Unfortunately, once they have decided to test a car, there were some accidents which caused many people harm. After that, they have realized how they must improve the way such cars work.

Today, it seems like how self-driving cars are starting to be made and sold all around the globe. It is just a matter of time when such cars will completely overtake those we used to drive for so many decades.
Are self-driving cars and buses completely safe? We cannot claim how they are 100% safe. It definitely seems like how they need some more improvements and testing.

What do you think about self-driving cars? Are you worried about those? Can we really and completely rely on a computer that drives our car? Many people still prefer getting an ordinary car instead of a self-driving one.


About the Author : My name is Dragana and I have graduated from the University of Philosophy. I enjoy reading and writing and my mission is to inspire people worldwide to stay in touch with the latest news coming from the different parts of the globe! I also have a hobby I like so much-playing drums.

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