The future of AI

  • April 8, 2019
  • Dragana
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When it comes to artificial intelligence, we must say how people have diverse opinions about it. Some people think how our complete future will depend on it, while the others are scared of how AI will impact our society in some bad ways. What is the truth? Will it be our future or will it destroy our future? Well, it has its own good sides but it also brings some risks. Continue reading and find out what those are!

1. New jobs. While many people are worried about how AI and computers will take their jobs, the truth is, our society can expect to have new job positions opened. How is that possible? Well, implementing new technologies will require new people to complete that. Besides that, AI will just raise and become more and more successful, and that is when some new job positions will need to be invented too. So, you don't need to worry about losing jobs.

2. Social inequality. It is believed how some regions of the world won't be affected as much by AI as those who are wealthy and successful will. That can make some huge barriers between countries. Yet, if the Government does a great job and takes care of that, we won't experience any problems.

3. Weapons. Many people believe how with AI we will have some new weapons which will be made with only one purpose-to do something devastating. We cannot say for sure how this won't happen, but we can just hope.

4. Business. When it comes to business, AI is created with a purpose to do something completely beneficial. Businessmen are definitely waiting for AI to become stronger to implement some new ideas and get more successful. The problem may appear if AI develops some strange method for solving things. Those may be destructive.

What is your personal opinion about AI?



About the Author : My name is Dragana and I have graduated from the University of Philosophy. I enjoy reading and writing and my mission is to inspire people worldwide to stay in touch with the latest news coming from the different parts of the globe! I also have a hobby I like so much-playing drums.

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