What are the world's happiest countries?

  • April 7, 2019
  • Dragana
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Have you ever thought about in which countries people live the happiest lives? You have probably thought about that for at least a few times in your life, right? Yes, me too. I have researched a lot and found the list of the happiest world's countries in 2019! Let's see which those are!

1. Finland. Finland is the happiest country because of Santa Claus, right? Well, maybe, but there are a lot of other things that make their people happy. Of course, I was just kidding about Santa Claus. People are happy in Finland because they have great educational systems, they have good jobs and a low rate of unemployment, great health care systems, and beautiful landscapes. What else can someone wish for?

2. Denmark. All the countries in Northern Europe definitely have high standards. I think it is because they haven't been in war and they are always neutral when those start (very smart, if you ask me).

3. Norway. People often say how people in Scandinavia are depressed because they don't get much Sun and vitamin D and because they have long and harsh winters. It seems like how being happy has nothing to do with winters, but with the country's standard, wouldn't you agree?

4. Iceland. Here we go again. People in Iceland claim how they are very happy with the lives they lead. We are happy for you too, Iceland!

5. The Netherlands. All those fields full of flowers definitely make people in the Netherlands happy, right? Well, the same is here as for Finland. It is not about Santa Claus nor about the fields full of tulips. Their people are very satisfied with the lives they lead.

As you can see, the more North you go, the happier you will become! In which country would you like to live?


About the Author : My name is Dragana and I have graduated from the University of Philosophy. I enjoy reading and writing and my mission is to inspire people worldwide to stay in touch with the latest news coming from the different parts of the globe! I also have a hobby I like so much-playing drums.

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