What is the real importance of a human in our new digital world?

  • April 6, 2019
  • Dragana
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In the nowadays times of our society, it seems like how we have hit the digital era for a little bit too much. Or that is what people from all around the globe think. Many of them are afraid of losing their jobs because they see how humans are not needed for many positions as time goes by.
Is that the truth? Should people really be worried about losing their jobs? Can robots and computers take their positions? Continue reading and find out. Below, you will find some facts that prove how robots can never replace humans completely.

1. Empathy. There is one huge difference between us and computers. We feel empathy. Let's say that a client came to some bank worried about his or her debt. Can a robot comfort that client? No, the robot can just show the client how huge his or her debt is. Also, it may show the options to the client how to get rid of such debt. But, humans are essential for many reasons. We are social beings, right?

2. Schools. Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence and how it will completely replace teachers. Is that even possible? No, it isn't. Schools are not just made for learning, but they are also created with a purpose to teach children how to behave. Can computers and robots teach children good manners? Of course not. Children learn by a model. What they see they do. Therefore, robots will never change teachers.

3. Advice. Remember that one client I have talked about in the first fact. Let's say how that client wants to hear some advice. He or she will ask the employee about some real advice when it comes to debt. Can a robot give him or her proper advice based on a particular situation? No, it cannot.

As you have realized, humans are very important in the digital era. Computers and robots cannot take our jobs. They cannot replace us. We are here to guide them! They cannot exist without us. Or at least, not in real life, maybe in some science fiction movie.


About the Author : My name is Dragana and I have graduated from the University of Philosophy. I enjoy reading and writing and my mission is to inspire people worldwide to stay in touch with the latest news coming from the different parts of the globe! I also have a hobby I like so much-playing drums.

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